Thursday, February 14, 2013

Monday, February 11, 2013

Christmas stars table runner

This fun table runner was the direct result of me browsing Pinterest (a great resource for all things creative.) I saw something similar and loved the pattern and the cheerful colors, but there was only a link to a photo, no pattern or resources. So what is a girl to do? Just wing it and make your own, of course!

I didn't do any math or even make a formal plan. I just started cutting up fabric and sewing it together, and this was the result. I love how it came together.

I used Glide super white on the top and So Fine white in the bobbin. Batting was Hobbs bleached 80/20. I put a snowflake in each of the white squares, continuous curves with a swirl in the star points, pumpkin seeds in the center squares, and continuous curves throughout the squares in the border.

If you have already found Pinterest, you know what a fun resource it can be. If not, BEWARE, it is very addicting. It is a virtual pin board where you can archive absolutely anything you may come across while surfing the web. There is a red Pinterest button in the right column where you can check out all of my boards and set up your own account if you choose. I have many boards, most of which are quilting related. I use it regularly to find inspiration and ideas, as well a tuck away projects and recipes I hope to get to someday. Hope to see you there!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Custom oak leaf quilt

This quilt was started by a customer's late mother. She had appliqued the oak leaves and cut the borders but was never able to assemble and finish the quilt.

I squared up the individual blocks, added sashings and corner stones, assembled the center and then added the two outer borders. We chose a buttery yellow for the backing and binding.

Thread was So Fine top and bottom with ivory on the off white fabric, brown in the sashings and inner border, and gold in the wide outer border. Batting was Hobbs 80/20.

I quilted a mini peacock feather fill around each of the oak leaf appliques. I love how this made the leaves puff up and pop off the quilt. I put egg and dart in the sashings. For the inner border, I did a free-hand leaf and swirl. The wide outer border got a free-hand fern throughout.



I really enjoyed working on this quilt, and the customer was simply thrilled with the finished product. He was so happy to have one of his mom's handmade quilts!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Widow's memory quilt

This memory quilt was quite touching to work on. It was created from a customer's late husband's clothing, and his personality really shined through. We used t-shirts, jeans, flannel pajamas, and logos from hats, among other things. It was a collaborative effort as this was a huge quilt made for a king-sized bed. It was irregularly pieced and quilted with an all-over meander.