Saturday, April 27, 2013

The yellowest dandelions on the block

Spring is really trying to burst forth around here despite freezing temperatures, frost in the mornings, sleet, and the occasional random snow flake. I'm cheering it on and hoping we have finally made that last cold-weather hurdle. The sand cherry popped this week and everything is starting to green up. The dandelions, as always, are equally excited about spring.

This week first grade has been studying plants. They've talked about the life cycle of plants and how they take up nutrients. They put a plant in colored water and watched how the color moved up through the plant. Changing a plant's color is, after all, mighty impressive to a seven-year-old. After my resident first grader explained to me everything one should know about plants, he told me he knew why the dandelions in our yard were so yellow... "because I pee on them!"

***mom shakes head***

Thank you, Nick! So if anyone needs to brighten up your dandelions, I'm sure Nick would be willing to service your yard as well.

Happy Spring!