Thursday, May 3, 2012

What's in a name?

Motherbuzzard may seem like a strange name to some. So, how did such a thing come about? Here's the short and sweet version: Once upon a time I met a wonderful guy. We fell in love and got married. Then my last name was Bussard... but it was pronounced Buzzard. BUZZARD? What? Are you sure? Perhaps your family has been mispronouncing it. No? So what is a girl to do? Just go with it. Embrace it. Have fun with it. Then I became a mom to two wonderful little boys, and my flock of Bussards was formed. The end.

I used to refer to my mother-in-law as Mother Buzzard. Congers up the image of someone mean and nasty and dark, huh? But in reality, you couldn't have met a sweeter lady. Now I proudly take it on. So don't think of me as mean and nasty and dark. I'm quite the opposite. I believe when life hands you lemons, you should make lemonade (which is also a good start for margaritas!) Make the most of what you have and enjoy every minute of it!

Or you can just call me Tina. That's what my mom calls me.

This is my little flock of Bussards. I told them to scoot closer together and pretend they liked each other. This was the best I got!

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