Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm listening... what did you say?

1. I have a theory that my dear husband only hears half of what I say. Case in point: on his way after a treat Sunday, he thoughtfully asked if I cared for anything. Why, yes, almond m&ms (and it has been almond m&ms since the day these magnificent morsels were invented).

Here is what I received. **shakes head**

2. I love my darling husband more than almond m&ms. Since the odds are pretty good that he'll only hear half of this, let's hope it is number 2. **grin**

Followup: After I posted this, I asked my sons where my m&ms were. Nick told me they ate them so I wouldn't have to make any more blog posts about them! Thanks gentlemen!


  1. I'm shaking my head, too. Which ear did he hear out of when he got this? ;o)