Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dear Jane B-5

Hello Jane! Sorry you have been so neglected lately. I know I promised to get you out and make at least one block each week, but you have to understand that it is summer. And my boys are out of school. And they like to be fed and entertained and to wear clean clothes. (Okay, I know that was funny, the clean clothes thing was solely my idea. They could care less.) I will try to do better!

I did get Jane out last week and managed to get both of my B-5 blocks completed. The software suggested piecing the block then reverse appliqueing the diamonds. I have found that anything with sharp or squared points does not work well with this method. You always end up with little frayed threads in those corners. So instead, I strip pieced the block which made quick work of this one, especially since I'm making two of each block. It changed the piece count slightly from the original, but I'm okay with that. Then I appliqued those diamonds to the pieced block.

Now it just needs a quick press and a trim. WooHoo!

1 comment:

  1. I find that I have trouble with little frayed threads at the tips of regular applique also. How did you get yours to turn out so well?