Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Origin of "tiny quilt pieces" gene revealed

When I was in Texas last week, my Aunt Dee pulled this quilt out to show me. She knows I have an affinity for small pieces in quilts, and this postage stamp quilt was no exception. It was pieced by my Great-Great-Grandmother Clara Ann Herrin. She passed away in 1938, so it was made sometime prior to that during her lifetime.
Aunt Delores with my Great-Great-Grandmother's quilt
It was mainly stripes and plaids and a few small-scale prints. I love how the red is still so vibrant after more than 100 years. What a treasure! We agreed this is probably where my "tiny quilt pieces" gene originated.
my Great-Great-Grandparents, Alonzo and Clara Herrin

on the bottom row from the right, my Great-Grandmother Otal and her mother Clara
Thanks Aunt Dee for sharing!

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