Monday, June 25, 2012

Quilt show detour in Wichita

We just happened to pass through Wichita this weekend on our way to Grandma and Grandpa's house. And somehow my car made a little detour to the Convention Center. How convenient there was a quilt show! All it took was blue snowcones and kettle corn, and my kids and Aunt Nikki were willing attendees. While they lounged at the snack bar, I made the rounds through the vendors. I spent a little time driving longarms and picked up a few new projects. I think the vendors know that if they put a cool sample quilt up and the kit right and front of it that I can't resist. I wish they would not do that!

Common Threads Quilt Show featured over 500 quilts from Wichita's Prairie Quilt Guild. I did the equivalent of a power walk through all of the quilts. After all, we still had another four hours left of our eight-hour drive. 

This pretty little quilt caught my eye. I have plans for a quilt with text, and I wanted to check out their technique. The wide areas of the letters were appliqued, and the narrow areas were embroidered.

And against all logic, I love quilts with millions of tiny one-inch pieces. I even want to make them. Most think I have lost my mind. At least when I see quilts like this, I know there are other nut jobs like me out there. I wonder if they allow rotary cutters and needles in the looney bin?

I've always liked this fabric line. Good thing they didn't have the fabric for sale near this one. Each fabric has polka dots except one that is newsprint. It's a cheery little quilt.

I was in awe of the micro-quilting on this one. The vertical lines at the top were about one-quarter of an inch apart!

This one really did deserve Best of Show. It was perfectly pieced and perfectly square. And the quilting was perfect as well. Not the type of quilt a recovering perfectionist needs to see!

This was a fun little pit-stop on our way through Kansas. And I didn't hear one grumble from my kids, which was really a miracle. The only complaint was from me because it was about 1000 degrees that afternoon. Good thing the air conditioner in the car was running cold. A couple of cherry limeades and we were on our way.

Next stop, Grandma's house for Aunt Nikki Camp!

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